The movie you are about to watch was created in front of a live audience.
Since April 2018 nearly 20 performances have been edited together, each 
building upon the previous to create this ever looping film.
Join us next time, and step into the movie...

Trapped in a never ending movie, ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.
8pm, the last Saturday of every month, doors open to a movie studio: NOMAD.
Live, we remake the same movie using all that we have; from the ever changing cast of characters, artists, and performers, to the very audience in attendance. Each performance builds upon the previous, making this the only movie you can actually step into.  Revisit after seeing the show and you will also find yourself trapped in the movie.  There is a reason you are here reading this, all you have to do is come at 8pm on the last Saturday of this month, and enjoy the show...


129, avenue Van Horne

H2T 2J2, Montréal, CA