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The movie you are about to watch was created in front of a live audience.
24 performances have been edited together,
building upon the previous to create this ever looping film.
Join us next time, and become part our never ending movie...

At the beginning was an idea.
Five simple words that meant everything and nothing at all.
Then came the story with infinite possibilities, and no end in sight.
Everyone that heard the call had come,
following the signs like an invitation to here and now.
There is no escape from time.
We are trapped by the light, imprisoned by the illusion.
Gods of our creation.  Writers of dreams.  Directors of destiny.
What you will experience here is your own making,
for this is not a play, its not a movie.  This is Live.

There is a world around us
that only some can see...

...a place where you are

anything you want to be.

Where there is no fiction,
there is only NOW.

Where dreams come alive,
and everything is possible.

...we create a life in pixels.


by the light...

Gods of our creation.
Writers of destiny.

Directors of dreams...

We cross over to the present moment.


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